if you wanna get down and you dont roll then we rollin over you


something is up with me lately. effects of isolation for a week in this time is most inappropriate for sure. i need to live more, go walk into a forest. something. im the kind of one who gonna get nunchucks around me. go into the forest, need a rave in the forest or a rap battle in the damn woods. that'd be baller. i want that. to live for. so real. i need to be there. air is so good for the lungs when its the air one has been looking for. free willy, come to home. breathe the air that finds u through your lungs. found eachother. missed you. just didnt hit the same without you around. the smoke i was breathing over the summer where i lived was unpleasant. such a real difference with the kinds of air you breathe where you've gone. holy shit.