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Hamburger Menu

The "hamburger" menu commonly used on modern-day websites (modern day translating to: as of the 22nd of August, 2023) fucking sucks! Whenever I see it, I feel like it should instead be getting used for an air ventilator. If you are going to use it as you continue to act like you are hot developer-intellectique kind of Shiiiieaaatttt, I think there would be somewhat better use for me to take that hamburger menu and stick it through my asshole! A user interface made with accessiblity considered into mind using speak out aloud text let alone ANY text to signify and/or DESCRIBE what buttons are which, therefore means the excuse of the hamburger menu's excessive usage is fucking useless somewhere within area of where said developer for this shit thought they'd be able to ween a hamburger menu's ugly ass into! There are people in the web industry who in reality, have an insufficent fucking idea and grasp on the concept of accessiblity. They have too much fucking power because continuously not making confrontation with each other leads to an ultimate fucking catasprophy, resulting in hate, misunderstanding, violence, aggression beyond forms of comprehension among certain people because of the diversity of the planet earth, and much more of the kind of shit along these lines.