if you wanna get down and you dont roll then we rollin over you

imaani coppola

like many, imani coppola is a treasure and has a heart of gold. like, i just remembered something look >>>>>>>> i wish this got picked up to be a sitcom so fucking bad. the fact that her debut album managed to flop..in the late 90s.. probably had something someway to do with it being ahead of its time honestly. i wonder if canada wouldve embraced it more then at the time, i feel like there's some substance to that i wonder of in itself. at the same time i don't think that makes it any less possible that the album would've gotten more recognition had it been given a shit about by the record label she was with at the time. now i'm thinking about how matthew perry died on the day this album was released.. .natures way(s)(z).. we are all eternal in air and such.