if you wanna get down and you dont roll then we rollin over you


i think a larger internet can have its secondcomings of genuinely disruptive people altogether but at the same time for me personally it comes back in my mind to the people who tend to blame others for something they really are possibly ignorant to understand, and a lot of that said ignorance is intertwined with fear, of the unknown. it's like not wanting to go through fog, but you could if you tried, and it doesn't even need to be fog that you're facing, this could be a different situation for you. yeah, human instinct, instinctive reactions. though, i can't help but consider what has been going on the past decade at least specifically online. i don't think things are impossible. you stained your shirt? there has to be some kind of way to find the outlook to the situations problem. i mean, shirts were made. like that is a thing, people-made thing. it's in it's traditional wording, a garment. i think that's what the word is. suddenly the kind of clothing they wore in the middle ages is the thing in style, referring to clothes as garments, or just using more modern terms for clothes from a time brought into another time. people said it just seems "rediculous" to actually be wearing this style of clothing, it just doesnt feel "practical" when in this case person in particular saying this could really be meaning to say "conventional" rather than "practical". now, the person doesn't mind, now that this style of clothing is a "back in style" in another time, the time said person and other people are still living in. stay with me on this, it's like math. but in that saying that it's like math, it can be like whole many other things, it can be a matter of how it all happens to resonates with you. im thinking of the coraline movie right now, do you know what i mean? i'm ok with you not knowing what i mean. it's ok if you don't know what i mean.