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movie review might delete later might not fate will tell in choice

damn i just watched ruby gillman teenage kraken what a fucking rushed movie, honestly a bit disappointing. you didn't have enough time to be clever enough to actually have a plotline of two teenagers from different aquatic races achieving peace between the krakens and mermaids? what a fuckin society we think we live in, damn. soundtrack panders to tweens and young teenagers, but the message is not cool to me at all. it tells me more than some people would like others to know about these same people themselves. got to admit the ppl who worked on this were trying to walk a tightrope between a balance of appealing to not just little kids. the plotline itself is about a 16 year old girl wanting her mom to let her go to prom, with extra elements put in and with bigger things comes responsibility, and it was neglected on after around midway through the movie. it was more enjoyable than a disney movie though, but thats to be expected. i like flaws but this shit just felt arrogant in tone at times when i was watching it throughout. i kept wanting it to be like. good, but then they were like "hmmmmmmmmmmm nah" even if unintentionally, like it was cool ok ok i can enjoy this i can get with this movie then suddenly she and the mermaid start talking and everyones all like 39238942984982498483578435926892868928680236886203 Mom dad Son People Friends F J Hu3 83992927#$$%&&^%65 CAPTAIN. CAPTAAAIINN. CAPTAIN. Mom Ruby. DAD! Uncle! Son! CAPTAINNN. FRIENDS CONNOR . did connor even fucking matter? they were having so much fun i can tell with the characters at the BEGINNING then things fell. the mom has like this energy to her where the relationship is avoided but a desire to respect her mother. there's some grandma stuff put in, uncle. dont get me started on the uncle either. its just too much potential that they took and did not go too far with. Like BRO> BRO. OK. her friends suck too btw but that isn't unrealistic or anything its just something that doesn't even feel intentional once again. in itself, you can actually tell something happened too with the budget as the movie goes on, which is concerning that it should even be something i don't just not mention at all. as i can see, this age of media from studios like these with the current economy or whatever, is having a rough time for sure. i don't know if disney owns any part of the studios involved with dreamworks. i don't even know anymore. what does disney even own? i dont want to care. its rocks falling on heads at a specific rate. i can imagine a lot of people who don't know where to find work or what to do with shit, because there's simultaneously so much but so little clarity of where to go to in an ocean so vast yet neglected just enough. to be a place to look to pessimism, is not enough. i think the world is still significantly divided and has been for a long time.